Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bunny Oliver

Bunny Oliver Fine Art

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CJ Rider said...

Hi, CJ--

What an honor to be invited to show "Esperanza" on your blog--and as the first living woman artist's mother with child. Of course, you may post the painting.

The story behind the painting may be of interest to you. Since 2000, I have been traveling to Honduras with groups, most of the team members are from my church in Austin. We built about 75 houses in one colonia after Hurricane Mitch devastated Honduras in 1998. I learned on my first visit that many of these impoverished children quit school after 6th grade, the time after which they are not required by the government to attend. They quit because they have to work to help support their families. I started a scholarship program with 100% of the sales of my paintings, note cards, and prints of Honduran scenes. Since 2002, our first year to give the scholarships, we have given 250 and have had 8 high school graduates and 17 graduates from vocational courses. After the first year, many people began sponsoring children to supplement the money from my art sales, and artists and craftsmen who are my friends have joined me in a couple of shows where a percentage of their sales, as well as mine, went to the scholarship fund.

The woman and the adorable child, Evana, are residents of Colonia Solidaridad. We used this painting for the post card invitation for one of the fundraisers. I've watched Evana grow from the 2-year-old in this painting, to a 7-year-old going to school in the beautiful new elementary school built by our group in cooperation with the Honduras and Italian Red Cross.

I'm not telling you all this "toot my own horn", but to encourage other artists to use their creative minds and their creative works to make a difference in the lives of people who are going through hard times. In my case, anyway, using my artwork to raise money multiplies several times over any check I could write.